September 7, 2017

Sanctifier Test Squad

I've been painting some Warhammer 40k recently and these are the result, my first combat squad of marines. I've painted a few Space Marines over the years, individual models here and there. I have never however managed to get a squad, albeit a small one, done. I had started these as Ultramarines but I got a little bored with them and as I thin I said a friend of mine has just brought his Ultramarines out to play. I therefore switched the scheme slightly and went with white arms. It does serve to make them look distinct from their primogenitors but I think I would have gone for a completely different scheme if I was to start these models from scratch. Its not that I dislike the scheme, I just think I could have done something more striking.

September 6, 2017

40k Campaign - Malleus

My map making for 40K continues apace. I love the background provided in the Forgeworld supplements, especially the cut aways to various planetary descriptions and such. They provide a lot of flavour and atmosphere without it being too dense. I decided that I would make out some similar descriptions for planets that we would fight over. As we have been discussing and actually writing background for the campaign it turns out that we are fighting elsewhere but this description of Malleus isn't wasted. Eventually the war might arrive here and if not at least there is some nice bacground to other planets in the Viator System.

September 1, 2017

Warboss Grimrak

I recently finished my Orruk Megaboss, Grimrak. He came out surprisingly well for the amount of time I put into him. I've slowly been collecting Ironjawz over the last few months and painting them up. As a lazy blogger I haven't been posting shots up but I hoping to get a few more regular ones up here. Anyway this is just a taster of whats to come with my Ironjawz.

August 30, 2017

40k Campaign - The Thorn Sub-sector

We are starting a few Warhammer 40K campaigns in my local area and online very soon. One has actually kicked off on VASSAL already. I'll be playing in them all and as such I wanted to have a map that we could use to track where the action is taking place. Its always nice to have a setting for the battles we fight on the tabletop. The overall campaigns won't really be linked but they can at least all take place in the same area and from that we can start filling in some details on that area. This might mean it comes to life and gets us more enthusiastic about playing or well it can just be an interesting read for the players if they want to come back and check out what we did. Anyway this location will be the Thorn Sub-Sector. I placed this on the fringes of the Imperium where anything we do won't really be effected by anything else that happens in the fluff. As we will have a heavy Ultramarine participation it would be best close enough to Ultramar, at least the marines won't have to travel far to fight. I shall be playing an Inquisitorial force that mainly consists of a homebrew Space Marine Chapter: the Sanctifiers. At the start of the year I painted some Ultramarines but as a friend already has them I instead modified them to have white arms and shoulders. A sufficent change to make them distinct but identifiable. 

May 4, 2017

Legends of the Old West roster

When it came to playing Legends of the Old West I quickly realised that I had a problem. The models are great but slightly generic which makes telling them apart during the game a little difficult. I used to paint the names of each of the gang members on the base when I played Mordheim or Necromunda but as we want to have this campaign last a while longer than standard I felt having guys with permanent names wasn't an elegant solution. This way I can keep the models in the gang (Posse) and simply rename them if they die. So far we have had a high attrition rate so I am glad I've done this. 
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